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My favourite lake

Ok, so we went skiing up to Chester Lake again. There was a lot of fresh snow though, and the weather was great, the company was great, and the Moosling had an absolute blast (spoilers).

We met up with Maria and Neil at the trailhead. We got the Moosling into his alpine skis, and hooked him up with a harness – from there, Alex and I took it in turns to tow him up to the lake. It’s far easier than towing a Chariot or pulk, that’s for sure. Although I’m wondering if we should try and get a towing system with a little more give…

We headed up to Elephant Rocks, and I realised the last time I’d made it up to here was when I was around 10 weeks pregnant, and Brendan was busy dislocating his shoulder and having us put it back in (thankfully, otherwise it would have been a long and painful journey back to Canmore to get it done).

At Elephant Rocks, there was a lot of exciting holes to be dug, and food to be eaten. We watched ski-mo guys cruising about getting in lots of elevation.

And then, it was time for the descent! And by that, I mean it was time to take skins off and pretend we were going downhill, where in reality we were trying to tow the Moosling across flat and sometimes uphill sections of trail while having no grip at all because we took our skins off.

On the plus side, the Moosling was having a ball hitting clumps of snow off the trees.

But eventually things did start heading downhill. And all the time on the hill has really helped improve Moosling skiing skills, as he easily cruised down, having a blast on the tight treed trail.

The snow was soft, the sky was blue, the mountains were snow-capped. We had a pretty great run down.

By the time we got back down to the carpark, Finn was pretty keen to ski back up so he could do the run again.

We decided to head back home though. And he fell asleep in the car – big day!

Distance: 9.5km
Elevation gain: 350m
Moving time: 2hr15min

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Happy days. Even that experience didn’t stop me coming back to work out how to ski without excruciating levels of pain.

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