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Prairie View – Jewel Pass

So, the Prairie View – Jewel loop is definitely fun in winter. Particularly when riding with someone who doesn’t have studded tyres, and they’re squealing as they keep losing traction.

No photos of the trail, as we were too busy riding. On the way up it was just solid work. Then on the way down it was just solid fun… or making sure we didn’t wipe out on ice.

The descent from Prairie View summit down to the Jewel Pass turnoff was more fun than ever, and we were whooping as we soared through the trees. There’s nothing like packed snow to convert a rocky rooty descent into a lovely fun flow trail. And then things got interesting as we hit more and more ice on the way down to lake-level.

A couple of other fat bikers and hikers about, all battling with the ice, and enjoying the lovely weather and views. Who says winter is only for skis? Winter is for fun and adventure in whatever form you find it.

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