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back to tasmania

No, I’m not actually going back to Tasmania. Well, not at the moment anyway. But here are a few more photos from the trip, just to prove there really was some climbing, and I wasn’t just touring around notable Tasmanian climbing locations. Most of the places we climbed at, we were the only people there.

Boer heading up Cordon Bleu (15) at Freycinet

I second up after Boer on Cordon Blue – damning the stuck nut.

Bouldering on the beach at Honeymoon Bay. This rock was actually thoroughly manky, and swathes of sand and debris would come off any time you tried to do anything.

All throughout Tasmania, we kept seeing hoards of surfers. So many cars had surfboards on their rooves – it was ridiculous, I’d never realised Tassie was a prime surfing destination. Anyway, apparently this is one of the places the crazy people surf. And Cape Raoul, off in the background – I’d really like to climb there.

climbing general trip reports

the tasmanian story

I’ve been in Tasmania, where everything is scenic, the rock is plentiful and the climbers scarce. I saw a haybale version of stonehenge, I got a flat tyre in a national park (while camping at the end of 3km of 4WD track, and broke my nut wrench trying to get the wheel off), was offered copious amounts of delicious wines by a biker couple from Canberra who were touring around Tasmania visiting wineries, watched the sunrise most mornings, visited a cheese factory, and a chocolate factory, and even climbed some rocks.


The light of the setting sun over Ben Lomond

Early morning light at Bluestone Bay, Freycinet National Park

The view of the rising sun from Whitewater Wall campground, Freycinet National Park

High seas at the Tasman Peninsula

general hiking trip reports

trekking in tasmania

the tassie trip: 12th dec to 23rd dec. 8 days hiking in south west tasmania, across the western arthurs.

Twisted trees

twisted trees on the wind blown moor before mt hesperus


back from tasmania

today: i arrived back in melbourne early in the morning, and found my first geocache at lunch.

yesterday: i woke up in mount field national park in tasmania, and discovered that i had a bloated australian paralysis tick on my ear. i prefer today.

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heidi bouldering on white water wall, freycinet peninsula, tasmania.