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the tasmanian story

I’ve been in Tasmania, where everything is scenic, the rock is plentiful and the climbers scarce. I saw a haybale version of stonehenge, I got a flat tyre in a national park (while camping at the end of 3km of 4WD track, and broke my nut wrench trying to get the wheel off), was offered copious amounts of delicious wines by a biker couple from Canberra who were touring around Tasmania visiting wineries, watched the sunrise most mornings, visited a cheese factory, and a chocolate factory, and even climbed some rocks.


The light of the setting sun over Ben Lomond

Early morning light at Bluestone Bay, Freycinet National Park

The view of the rising sun from Whitewater Wall campground, Freycinet National Park

High seas at the Tasman Peninsula

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Yep, flat tyre at white water wall carpark – got out there fine, but after staying there a day… flat tyre. It sucked rather a lot, especially the part where the nut wrench cracked while we were trying to get the nuts off, and then we had to get a ride back into town, and ended up having to call RACT – which ended up being a P plater dude in a beat up old car and some tools in a cardboard box. He busted some of his stuff too, but eventually we got the damn wheel changed.

And Ben Lomond was scary! With hideous walk-ins. But still beautiful location, and amazing climbing.

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