‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
not a creature was stirring, not even that mouse I killed yesterday.
Which is good, because the last thing you want on Christmas is a hoard of zombie mice attacking you.



The new sculpture in Canmore, The Head, is based on the word ceannmore – the Scottish-Gaelic word that’s said to be the origin of the towns name. It literally means ‘big head’ (although possibly in the sense of wise leader, not large and lurking stone noggin emerging from the pavement).



All sorts of headgear have been turning up on him. This crocheted beanie/toque appeared just at the start of the cold snap (and no, it wasn’t me).

canada general

the worst thing about minus 24oC

The worst thing about minus 24oC is the frozen nostril hair.

Although I did get to go home from school early! (School being work in this case)

Colder than -30oC up on the hill = too cold to ski!

canada general


“One cam can’t hold us all. You have to cut me loose… “



Seeing spindrift always reminds me of that classic climbing movie, Vertical Limit.

“Spindrift coming off the top.”
“That’s local. If something was coming in, it’d show on the other peaks.”

“I’m not gonna risk a storm. Not at 26,000.”


“and above all else, never forget that you are the lowest of the low”

Robo Story! I finally found out the name of the one cartoon I remember from the 80s that I hadn’t been able to track down. With Blueberry the girl, and her dog Loufi and the White Wriggler (the lowest of the low) and Revered Reverence and the Robot Hobo…

There’s an episode up on YouTube, starting with this clip.