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24 Hours of Volunteering

Bitter sweet fun up at the Nordic Centre this weekend.

My injured knee meant I was volunteering instead of racing for the first time in five years.

It was harder than I’d imagined. Sitting by a line of recycling bins and directing people how to use them appropriately may well be a laudable activity, but it was also two hours of staring at people hammering home over the finish line, exhausted and ecstatic, then happily talking to their team mates about how that lap went for them.

As a side note, kids were way better at recycling correctly than adults, and never seemed to get it wrong. *sings* The children are our future */sings*

The work teams went well, had fun, everything went smoothly.

After finally giving in and buying a second-hand Tout Terrain Streamliner (thanks to the wonders of German ebay), we can actually get out with Finn on rougher singletrack and trails. All of the North American trail-a-bikes seem to be heavy, clunky, and with no suspension. The Streamliner has great suspension, and is lighter and easier to use. Unsurprisingly, it’s also wildly expensive, hence the second-hand purchase on German ebay.

So far it’s been a great success, the suspension is fantastic, and Finn is a fan. We’ll be testing it out thoroughly with our upcoming trip to Scotland – booked for late August after my Tour Divide leave was cancelled. Hopefully my knee can handle some easy bikepacking by then.

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