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West Wind Pass

Hiking adventure!

West Wind Pass is just 5km return, but a nice taste of Kananaskis hiking. You get some of the views, and none of the scree. Perfect for flat-landers who still don’t have the hang of hikes with huge elevation gain, and perfect for boys who are declaring loudly to all and sundry that they don’t want to go up a mountain, and they just want to play minecraft/lego.

We had a short picnic session at the pass, re-enacted the scene from the Lion King (I’m very tempted to borrow another baby and come up and try this another time, when the light is a bit more suitable).

Back down above Spray Lakes…

Before heading home we made a quick diversion to this lovely mossy patch, which is a few hundred metres from the road on a nearby trail. It’s one of my favourite close-to-the-road spots in Kananaskis.

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