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Biking to Banff with my favourite training weight

Now the boy is big enough to big enough to be pedalling we’ve sold off the bike towing devices, and he’s only ever on the trail-a-bike if we get out on long rides together.

Sadly though, the trail-a-bike we have really doesn’t handle offroad trails that well (at least not the rough rocky rooty ones around here). We’re still torn about what to do as a solution – Tout Terrain make a gorgeous trail-a-bike with suspension, but it also costs close to $2000.

In the meantime, the boy really enjoys riding the trail to Banff, and has taken to suggesting it often (could it be because he gets icecream if we go there?) (and I tend to agree because I know we’ll go to the Wildflour Bakery).

And he’s actually pedalling these days. At least occasionally. Which is helpful when you’re trying to haul a 12kg bike plus however many kilograms of small boy up a hill.

Mostly he just pedals when he really wants to get to icecream or a toy store though, and isn’t convinced he needs to help me pedal into the brutal headwinds that tend to lurk on the route to Banff.

We had our last adventure with Al and Lincoln on a ride to Banff and back – they’ve now disappeared back to Australia, and we have lost some good quality adventuring partners. Sad faces all round.

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we started using the follow me tandem with Kai so we could do longer and longer rides. He would ride up to 25km by himself and the rest would be hooked on to the back of someone. It handles much better than the tag-a-long / trail-a-bike. Dyon and Kai even did some single track, tho it does require some careful handling!

Here is the UK page: We bought ours in Oz, but I think there are US suppliers.

I was really interested in that option, but the problem is that Alex only has fat tyre bikes now, so only I could tow (I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have enough clearance). But maybe I just need to make him carry the rest of the load!

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