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The Ski Season That Never Was

On what was probably the last cross-country ski of the season, Alex had a biathlon class out at Mount Shark. It had been relocated there from the Nordic Centre, seeing as all the snow at the Nordic Centre had melted.

I set off there earlier in the morning, riding my bike out along the Spray Lakes Road, in the rain. As you do (it was good practice).

Once we had all arrived, eyed the rain with resignation, and donned ski gear, I skied around with the boy while the others skied around in the rain and then shot at things.

There were ludicrous puddles everywhere though. And it just kept raining. The boy and I ended up doing small loops near the car, after an attempt to bypass this puddle was turned around by the fact that we just couldn’t get around it. I did like the fact that he was the one who suggested we try taking off our skis and hiking around the puddle in the bushes though.

And meanwhile these guys tried to pretend it was fun to lie on wet mats in the snow while it rained on them and they shot at targets.

So, the ski season is dead! Long live the bike season!

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