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Finally biking Revelstoke I: Frisby Ridge

This was a bike trip that ended up being so epic I’m going to have to split it into three posts. We’d been wanting to ride some of the trails in Revelstoke for a few years now. First up on the hit list was Frisby Ridge, just to the north-west of Revelstoke. A nice flowy trail that was built with bikes in mind, it’s a simple out on back with basically all climbing on the way out, all descending on the way back. We were hoping it would be easy enough for towing the Singletrailer (and it was).

The climbing was slow and steady, and finally we left the forest and emerged into an alpine wonderland. So many wildflowers! The views! The perfect blue skies! The alpine lakes! The perfect strip of single track! We found a few piles of snow to cross near the highpoint, and decided to drop down to the lake that’s the official end of the trail. There we had lunch, and nearly fell asleep. I suspect it’s an enchanted lake to be honest. It was very difficult to get back on my bike and ride uphill again.

I managed to avoid falling asleep on my bike, and the descent was fantastically good fun. There was a lot of yelling of “Wheeeeee! Down the hill!” from the Singletrailer.

Then it was back to the campsite, and some splashing about in the cold cold Revelstoke Lake before dinner. Day One successfully complete!

Distance: 25km return
Elevation gain: 850 metres
Max elevation: 2010 metres

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