let sleep

When I first opened my bedroom door this morning, there was a dog standing there. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, as there are no dogs living in my house. The dog followed me into the bathroom, and then downstairs, as I tried to determine the origin of said dog. Apparently he belongs to my soon to be ex-housemate, who collected him from the RSPCA. He is going to be living in her new house with her.

Meanwhile, Rocky the eclectus parrot got all exciteable this morning, and was going the route of screeching like a madman (instead of just amiable talking to himself, miaowing, and ringing like our telephone as he usually does).

And in completely unrelated news, a 7 foot pet boa constrictor just spent 8 days inside the dashboard of an old Subaru in Los Angeles, wrapped around the brake and clutch pedals so the owner couldn’t drive anywhere. Today they managed to dismantle the dash and free the snake. No photos please, we’re British.

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Did you know that the Eclectus parrot is the only parrot the exhibits sexual dimorphism – the female is prettier than the boy. Yikes! Whoo likes their bird facts huh? Who likes their facts?

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