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Legacy Trail fail

Instead of going skiing yesterday, we optimistically decided to head out on the Legacy Trail. Theoretically it was rideable, as it was certainly bare of snow in huge patches. It would be the first proper test ride for the biking version of the Chariot as well.

Things went well until we actually reached the Legacy Trail, at the Banff Park gates.

We rode around the first huge snow drift, then there was just a whole lot of gravel, as we were right next to the highway. That wasn’t great, but still, easy enough to ride on.

But then we hit the uphill, which was covered with a huge snow drift. We could see a bare patch afterwards, so we though “Why not?”, and pushed on up through it.

Alex started out through the next drift, and this was the “Seriously? There’s just more snow?” moment. So the Legacy Trail is rideable in parts, if you’re happy riding on the highway the rest of the way. We opted to sit in the sun on the bare trail and eat cookies, and then turn around and go home. Defeated once again by Super Winter. At least the Chariot passed the biking nap test.

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lol – Is it terrible that I find this highly amusing? (We tried skiing an unbroken trail earlier this year – right after about 25cm had fallen – and my husband gave up pretty quickly, too. :>)

Heh, I was there wading through the snow and I still find it all highly amusing (in a depressing ‘When will the snow end’ kind of way)

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