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On Sunday we revisited Boom Lake two years after I first went there. So this time around I was wise to the fact there really isn’t much elevation gain, and it’s basically a rolling trail both ways. At the moment the trail is a mangled mess of tracks left by hikers, dogs, snowshoes and skis – or perhaps that’s the way it normally is.

It’s not the best trail for the Chariot – you can get it along, but with difficulty at some points, as it tends to be a bit off-camber and narrow in spots. The Ergo would have probably been a better bet, but you just can’t beat a Chariot nap, so I want to keep using it while I can!

the bridge of peril

There’s still a ridiculous amount of snow around.

onto the lake

And at least the Moosling is eating bread now, even if he turns up his nose at pretty much everything else. Well, by eating, I really mean sucking on, and spitting out most of it. But it’s a start.

bread eating

(And as Brendan noted, it went Boom once while we were there)

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