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The first hike of the year

“Do you wanna go skiing?”
“Yeah, ok.”
“How about Mount Shark?”
“Yep, sounds good.”
“The road over Whiteman’s Gap keeps being closed due to avalanche.”
“And it sounds like the trails will be bullet-proof anyway.”
“Yeah, lets not go skiing there.”
“I’d still like to get out and do something.”
“How about we go for a hike?”

And so we hiked up Lady Mac. The trail was actually dry or just a bit muddy for maybe 10-20% of the way. Then there was just a lot of packed snow. Which got less and less packed as we got higher. We stopped at the teahouse for a quick bite to eat (the Moosling had a suck on a vegemite sandwich and a banana), then fled the horrible wind, and did some good butt-sliding on the way down. The butt-sliding was the main reason I kept carrying the Moosling on my front, as I’d have much preferred the weight on my back.

Photos from Kristy (because I forgot my camera!!)

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Yep, green Ergo – I may or may not have paid the $20 extra for the Super Performance model, just so I could get the green :)

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