nice day, eh

Dear site – I’m in Canada – Squamish, in British Columbia. It’s raining. Haven’t met any mooses yet.

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Rain not good, especially with all the slabby Granitey stuff Don’t imagine theres anything nicely roofed out there like Nowra, Bundaleer or Ton Sai? Anyway heres hoping that rain pisses off soon and leaves some nice cloudless cranking days.

I hope you see a moose :) and don’t forget your bear spray! a woman got killed by a grizzly in Canmore not too long ago – moral of that story is don’t try to climb a tree (climbing up a cliff is prob more effective though!)

Speaking of bears eating people, does anybody remember the song about treking through a forest and meeting a bear, and then running away and jumping up in a tree, and catching a branch (on the way down). It’s one of those really annoying ones where you say one line, and then everybody repeats it. Was trying to remember it a couple of weeks ago when treking through the woods (or the paddock with a couple of trees) to teach the kids, and couldn’t remember it. Feels like I should.

Oh emma, I’ve had that song going round and round in my head while I was up in Canada. Except I couldn’t remember it all. There’s a limit to the number of times you can have the phrase “The other day – the other day – I saw a bear – I saw a bear – a great big bear – a great big bear – oh way up there – oh way up there” going round in your brain without going completely mad.

I can understand your frustration Megan. Thankyou Mrs Dunn – that is the song, although some of it is a little different to what I remember – dodgy American version!

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