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Elizabeth Parker hut trip (Day 2)

And so the second day dawned beautifully. After breakfast, and the requisite sitting about, we decided to get out and build the Epic Toboggan Run. (The Moosling thinks everything is epic these days) After a fair bit of digging and compaction, we started sending down some sleds. And then a whale, in a short-lived return of alpine whaling. It turns out whales don’t handle cold temperatures very well, they’re better suited for spring conditions. The toboggan run was a hit otherwise, with constant laps up and down the hill. Back in the hut, it was time for snacks, lunch, and … Continue reading Elizabeth Parker hut trip (Day 2)

My favourite lake

Ok, so we went skiing up to Chester Lake again. There was a lot of fresh snow though, and the weather was great, the company was great, and the Moosling had an absolute blast (spoilers). We met up with Maria and Neil at the trailhead. We got the Moosling into his alpine skis, and hooked him up with a harness – from there, Alex and I took it in turns to tow him up to the lake. It’s far easier than towing a Chariot or pulk, that’s for sure. Although I’m wondering if we should try and get a towing … Continue reading My favourite lake

Skiing to Skoki

Skoki Lodge is another of those wonderful places that I still hadn’t gotten around to visiting, either in summer or winter. It’s mostly a place to stay overnight (Kate and William stayed there on their royal honeymoon), but they do serve up afternoon tea. We planned to leave Canmore at a fairly civilised time, after making some calculations based on other ski in times we’d seen, and the fact we wanted to catch afternoon tea at the lodge if possible. But we were skiing up there from the lower parking lot, which magically added another 4km or so, and suddenly … Continue reading Skiing to Skoki