canada general moosling snow

Some skiing

As the boy gets better and better on his skis, we’ve been luring him out to cover longer distances.

He doesn’t always want to go skiing though (as evidenced here, as he hangs onto the Chariot for dear life, preventing it from escaping without him.

And I did some ski orienteering, with 3 days in a row of events. And then got a little sad when it was all over. Because there’s just something about looking for orange and white markers that seems to make every activity more fun.

I also managed to ski 1000km this season, a largely pointless goal with no photographic evidence. But on the plus side I may be a slightly better skier now.

canada general moosling snow

Ribbon Creek Trails

There’s a small network of ski trails about Ribbon Creek, near Kananaskis Village and Nakiska Ski Resort.

They’re track set for classical skiing, and there isn’t really enough room between tracks for skate-skiing.

A nice little set of trails to spend a day exploring, there is quite a lot of up and down – and so some nice views as well. It’s nice to ski somewhere different for a change.

canada general moosling snow trip reports

12 hours of Saturday


8am – Peaceful breakfast :)



9am – Finn helping me with the laundry



10am – Another warm day! And it’s snowing like crazy.



11am – Back in the car after finally meeting up with everyone, now off to the trailhead



12pm – Skiing along the Goat Creek trail, starting from Canmore, heading to Banff



1pm – Lunch break at the first bridge



2pm – Crossing the second big bridge – still snowing like crazy



3pm – Still snowing! (the Chariot behind me is covered now)



4pm – Skiing with Finn on my front. Nearly there.



5pm – Finally got to the carpark (18km later), then hike up the hill to the Banff Hot Springs.



6pm – I opt for hot chocolate instead of hot springs (too dehydrated!)



7pm – Car shuffling complete, we all head back to Canmore



8pm – Hanging out on the sofa with the boys


More 12 hours captured here.

canada moosling snow

Skiing, yay!




Back at the Nordic Centre towing the Moosling again (I had to get out of the harness to jump, he was fast asleep back there, and probably wouldn’t have appreciated it).

canada general moosling snow trip reports

Return to Watridge Lake

The last time I passed by Watridge Lake I was 34 weeks pregnant, feeling too warm, with sore feet, and generally feeling as if I’d hiked far enough. We’d hiked through from Sunshine Meadows to Mount Assiniboine, and I’d already travelled 19-20km that day. I was kind of hoping for a travelator to take me home. Or a small helicopter. Perhaps a tame and friendly moose.

This time I returned with a baby on the outside, and a tame snow-shoer to pull along the Chariot.



It took us less than an hour to reach the lake! I was flabbergasted.


Watridge Lake



A happy moosling in his Chariot


After having lunch on the far side, we returned home.


I remember these signs all too well. Six months ago, they kept promising me that I was really near the end. “The car is this way”, they would say. But no mention of distance. It seemed to take forever. Obviously I’m not the only one to have felt this way.


On the drive back to Canmore we came across some moose! They were standing on the road, and weren’t entirely sure what to do as I drove slowly up to them. After running along the road for a while, in a remarkably sheep-like fashion, they worked out how to dive off into the trees (where they glared at us balefully).


Spray Lakes Road Moose