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planning for europe

As I’ve been whiling my time away looking at accounts of bike tours, it suddenly occurred to me that my two rear panniers (Deuter Rack Pack I think they are) probably wouldn’t carry enough stuff for cycling round Europe for four months. Even if I lashed things on top of them. There would be water and food and camping gear, and maybe, just maybe, tying everything to the back of my bike would be do-able, but would not necessarily be very rideable. Lots of people seemed to have front panniers. Also, I would really need somewhere to put my camera … Continue reading planning for europe

the internet is a terrible place

I started off just planning to have a look for any descriptions of the Milford Track, or the Routeburn, or one of those other tracks in New Zealand that are so well known – just to get an idea what they’re each like, how long they are, and how busy they are. Then I turned up a National Geographic list of the Best! Hikes! Ever! And then I started reading about the Kungsladen in the far north of Sweden… “In the extreme north of Sweden, a hundred miles (160 kilometers) inside the Arctic Circle, hides the last remote wilderness in … Continue reading the internet is a terrible place

llama attack!

No, they’re not really llamas. As per usual, they are the vicious Australian Alpaca. I think they thought I might have food, hence the desperate hurry over to the fence to sniff at me. My quest to find llamas may finally come to an end if I go to Chile next year. Which I might do. As well as llamas it has fjords, volcanoes, deserts and a sofa to crash on in Santiago. What more could you ask for?

the queensland plan

So my attempts to get my thesis in by the latest deadline were in vain. Having moved back the Queensland flights once already, I decided I may as well just go, and worry about the thesis again later. Brisbane – Arrive, collect supplies Main Range NP – Camp at Spicer’s Gap, hike Mt French NP – Visit Frog Buttress Border Ranges NP – Camp and listen to the bellbirds Nimbin – Drive through with a quick stop to wander around and be amazed at all the tourist rubbish and doped out hippies Byron Bay – Swim in the ocean, visit … Continue reading the queensland plan

the new plan

So, plans changed, but finally we should be on an aeroplane tomorrow night, for two weeks of gadding about in South-East Asia. Instead of the old plan, there’ll be just the bit circled in orange below… in other words, lazing around in Laos for two weeks. Well, probably not too much lazing. But not sticking any feet through over the border with China though.

the next month

As of February 10th I’ll be doing this:   For a month. (Travelling around the countries that is, not badly drawing on maps). Hopefully I don’t get eaten by killer chickens, or sucked into the internets and converted into some sort of virus. The plan is to wander around, posing as tourists, and taking photos (perhaps of high-tech military installations). No climbing due to the injured finger.

dreaming of red rocks

  Who me? Sitting here looking through all the climbs I could be doing at Red Rocks and drooling? And looking online for cheap cams? That’s not the sort of thing I would do. Shame on all of you. (Ok, and for the record, clockwise from top left the climbs are Resolution Arete, 5.10; Viagra Falls, 5.12a; St. Stephen, 5.8; Y2K, 5.10a; Dark Shadows, 5.8; Prince of Darkness, 5.10c – and thanks to climbingredrocks.com and Guillaume, whose photos I borrowed)

despite the fact i’ve not been working for the past month, i’ve still not managed to do any work on this site. most likely because i have vague plans of updating somehow, but i’m not sure how (using moveable type, or one of those new fangled applications – mt wouldn’t agree with my host for some reason, and the other thing i tried was just plain annoying). anyway, i’ve added to the russell the peak bagging moose page. meanwhile, it’s looking more and more likely that i’m going to have two winters in a row – yes, just as we’re … Continue reading

well, i’ve not done anything with this site for absolutely ages! i think i got frustrated with the issue of trying to find the best way to include comments and archives, so i can stop doing everything manually. which is alright for a while, but once the random postings start to build up, it becomes a bit much. the issue hasn’t been solved (grrr), but this site was looking so lonely, i had to take pity on it. anyway, there’s been a lot of climbing going on – nowra trips, and that sort of thing. and organising of the uni … Continue reading