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Up the pass and down the pass

Sometimes solo, sometimes with a crew along, but the pass has been the ride of the season for me. Good for a quick workout, good for laps or hill repeats. And really, although it’s a great big dirt road when I’d rather be riding singletrack, the views really are pretty amazing.

25 times so far this year. Enough to make it pretty familiar.

Much more fun when it’s not dusty, or running with snow melt.

And even more fun when Reclaimer is in good shape for a fun singletrack descent, instead of flying back down the road. It’s all good training though.

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making a crunchy pudding from the bones of americans

Driving to work along the highway this morning: notice leaves are looking increasingly yellow. Combined with snow on surrounding peaks, begin to suspect it isn’t Summer any more. Contemplate purchasing worm farm. Will not help fend off approaching winter months, but will reduce production of bags of rubbish. Also will be able to have pet outside-worms, which is considerable bonus. Resolve to raise the issue at next board meeting.


Up at Whiteman’s Gap, feeling the breeze of a surprise chinook as the sun sets


Watch WALL-E and Get Smart, and am amused by both. No repeat of the hiding-under-blankets incident which followed viewing of Dark Knight. Ponder whether the Autumn will drive away the swarms of RVs which seem to come to the mountains to breed during the Summer months. Will continue my efforts to monitor the behaviour of this strange species.