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gravity 12 hr mountain bike


Riding four laps
Our team coming third
Winning treasure
Nice hard fast course
No mud!

Less good

Dry course = dusty course
Dirt in eyes
Inhaling half the course = speaking with husky voice for the next day


Putting a tear in the floor of your tent nearly a metre long

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from the werribee MTB enduro last weekend

A puppy

A teammate in a stackhat

The washing of the bike

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snakes on a plane

I’ve decided to enter the Scott (formerly the Mont) 24hr mountainbike race, held up near Canberra every year. Unfortunately due to high demand, all of the team places have been filled within five days of entries being open, so they’re only allowing solo entries from now on. Hence, I have decided to do it solo. Mad perhaps? Definitely. Laps of a 20km course, possibly lots of mud, definitely some single track, and laps in the dark. Probably lots of cold… possibly below freezing, even some snow if we’re lucky. I might have to start training. The aim is ten laps.

Here’s an artists impression of what the race will look like

Note – Artists impression may not be entirely accurate

bikes general snow

how to make your leg muscles burn in three easy steps

Step One: Go on a 20 km mountain bike on Saturday morning

Step Two: Go on a 7 km run (street-orienteering) on Saturday afternoon

Step Three: Go to Mt Buller on Sunday and have your first day of telemarking for the season

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lichen, aubergine and embers

Pleasant views while out a-mountain-biking near St. Andrews on Saturday morning. We were going to be in Kinglake National Park, but they were shooting goats apparently. Despite our lack of resemblance to goats, we decided to go and ride our bikes elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I have come up with the brilliant plan of teaching myself to knit so I can knit myself a Doctor Who scarf for the Winter (yes, I had trouble believing someone has devoted a website to the subject too – then I remembered it was the internet).