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snakes on a plane

I’ve decided to enter the Scott (formerly the Mont) 24hr mountainbike race, held up near Canberra every year. Unfortunately due to high demand, all of the team places have been filled within five days of entries being open, so they’re only allowing solo entries from now on. Hence, I have decided to do it solo. Mad perhaps? Definitely. Laps of a 20km course, possibly lots of mud, definitely some single track, and laps in the dark. Probably lots of cold… possibly below freezing, even some snow if we’re lucky. I might have to start training. The aim is ten laps.

Here’s an artists impression of what the race will look like

Note – Artists impression may not be entirely accurate

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maybe it is an impression of you after 10 laps…. :)

and congratulations on entering solo! it is made me think of doing the same next year. it sounds like an awesome challenge. if you need extra support, we will be around to help out.

Yes I will provide support ( a Chair or A Hammock), and shall shout inspiring slogans such as “Pip Pip”, and “Tally Ho”, or even “Well Done Old Girl”, whilst plying you with mung beans, donuts and various sustenance. Bannans will not be available due to recent speculative price rises but will considered for future events depending on results this year…

helen – Yes, I can imagine I’d look something like that after ten laps… if I pass out exhausted in the campground early on Sunday morning, before heading out to ride some more, please don’t let anyone put pancakes on my head and take a photo. I know Alex would be dying to. Thanks for the offer of extra support too :) I just might need it… although operation bike-fitness has commenced… entering these things solo is good motivation.

darren – Thank you also for your kind offer… except for the mung beans and donuts. Although the race isn’t until October, so you’ll have time to save up if you want to buy me a banana.

Helen told me about your 24hr insanity. Nice work.

Although that artist’s impression is GARBAGE!

(It’s almost accurate – but where’s the mud?)

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