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our jeep has… character

When we first bought our Jeep, we knew that it required a little wiggling to get it into 4WD, and that the electric seats weren’t currently working (although the seller swore they were working just last week). And that you couldn’t put the driver’s side window down too far or it would get stuck in the door. And that none of the interior lights were working. And that there was no jack or nut wrench, the rear brakes would need to be replaced soon, one of the brake lights was missing a globe, the spare tyre was flat and one of the other tyres had a slow leak.

After we bought it we found out that the passenger seatbelt didn’t work. And that it was currently sopping wet underneath the carpet. And the reason the electric seats weren’t working was that the copper terminals under the seats had turned to green dust (possibly thanks to the water). So we ripped out the seats and dried everything, fixed the corroded wires, bought new light bulbs, got the tyres fixed, got a new seatbelt at the wreckers, bought a jack and a nut wrench, and threw a bit of wood in the door so the window couldn’t go down far enough to get stuck.

Not long after that we had to get a new rear brake drum and cylinder. Then the window started playing up and getting stuck even when it wasn’t all the way down. And now there seems to be a wire loose (or an electrical problem?) so sometimes the windscreen wipers and indicators don’t work. Oh, and it’s taken to stalling at low revs. But it still always goes when I turn it on, so really, what do I have to complain about? Besides, it’s just more encouragement to cycle places instead.

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the epic spring powder dump

So at the point when we were all getting a bit sick of the snow, and hoping rain would come to wash it away so we could go climbing and hiking and biking, and enjoy Summer … that was when one of the biggest dumps of the season came. It started snowing on Wednesday night – we woke up Thursday morning to heavy snow. And it kept coming, and coming, and coming. More snow. We walked into town, and had trouble keeping our eyes open with the snow. We got saturated, as it was wet heavy snow, and there was a lot of it. On Thursday afternoon, the Jeep (we have a Jeep now) looked like this:

Snow had just started settling on the warm roads. Then we got up on Friday morning. It had been snowing all night. And the Jeep looked like this:


We had to dig it out – we ended up putting the shovel away before digging out the passenger side, and I had to crawl in through the drivers side door as there was too much snow built up to get the passenger door open. And of course, once we got the Jeep moving, we had to go to the snow… and so we skied.



And it was glorious.