How is it possible to lose a large hiking pack in a one-bedroom apartment? Maybe it crawled up into the roof compartment. Or has run away to join the circus.

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mad i tell you

Ok, this is the story of my day yesterday. I carefully pack my bag for work – laptop, wallet, food, change of clothes, some work I’d done, make sure I’ve got my access card. I run around the house making sure I haven’t forgotten anything, as I’m cycling to work from where I’m housesitting, and it’s quite a distance. So I hop on my bike and cycle…. cycle cycle… cycle past school children studying Melbourne’s creek systems… ponder the fact that I forgot to bring my shoes, so I’ll be clomping around in bike shoes… cycle some more… cycle past people walking their dogs… cycle cycle… 20km or so later, I arrive at work, and hang up my bike on the bike hook, then go to reach around for my D-lock, packed safely in my bag. But my bag doesn’t appear to be there. I pat around at my back from the other side, then look around my feet in bemusement. Where can it be? I look up and down the bike storage corridor… no bag. And the realisation slowly dawns that I never had it in the first place, and it is infact sitting safely back at the house.

Which is one reason to look forward to getting old, as then I’ll at least have an excuse for this sort of behaviour.

(NOTE – The ‘what happened next’ goes something along the lines of “I cycled back home in disgust, and was glad that I’d actually left the bag in the house, rather than sitting on the verandah to be stolen, and was vaguely relieved by the fact that at least I had my keys on me, so wasn’t faced with the prospect of breaking and entering as well”)


it’s madness i tell you

Ummmm… for those of you who haven’t heard of Damir Dokic, he’s the vaguely crazed father of a girl who once played tennis for Australia, and has recently returned to play for Australia after having her father drag her around and play for a selection of Eastern European countries instead. Now he is accusing Croatia and the Vatican of brainwashing his daughter, threatening to drop a nuclear bomb on Australia, and maybe kidnap his daughter (although he’s apparently decided against killing an Australian in retaliation).

Damir said it was Australia, rather than him, that was mentally suspect.

“Australia is a spoiled nation,” Damir said.

“They can expect my revenge.

“I’m not crazy when I say this, they are the crazy ones who give you hot sausages before the match when it’s 40 degrees celsius outside.”

Yeah. Who eats sausages in Summer? Crazy country.