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24 Hours of Adrenalin 2013 – Team Work Hard, Ride Harder

First lap, the onslaught of bikes that follows the Le Mans start

60% of team Work Hard, Ride Harder, lazing around and waiting for our fearless leader to arrive back with a smoking fast first lap time

My first lap, pushing up through the meadow

There was at least one little black bear roaming around the course, I never saw him though

Second lap, around 8pm – late enough to carry lights, not late enough to need them

Finishing up my third lap at 3am – managed to snatch a few minutes of sleep between then and 6am, when I was up again

Early morning in the tent – all three teams feeling a little zombified

Wipe out!

Fast Fish pulling off a sub-one-hour lap, second last lap of the day


bikes canada general

24 hours of riding bikes, watching other people ride bikes, eating blueberries, and sleeping in a tent (and some adrenaline)

The Le Mans style start – lots of people trying to run in bike shoes in the mud. It did eventually stop raining, and the course dried up a bit, although remained pretty greasy in some sections for the rest of the race.

Riding over the evil bridge at the start of the race, on my Sunday morning lap.