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A grand Moosling adventure II

The last time we tried this was June 20, 2015. It was at Finn’s suggestion back then, and that was how it happened this time around too. We were tossing up ideas about where to hike when he declared he wanted to ride to Banff to get icecream. Ok!

Back then he was on 14″ wheels, his Spawn Gremlin (the equivalent of the Spawn Furi these days). It’s a great little bike. But now he’s upgraded to the Spawn Savage 1.0, with 20″ wheels, gears, no suspension, nice and light. He’s working on trying to change the gears while riding, but that’s still a bit too tricky for him – instead he stops, and I help him.

We hit the road, and it was far easier than it used to be. The big wheels spin so much faster. A picnic and lego break at the Valleyview picnic area was our only stop, aside from that we just kept churning along. We rode and chatted, and he yelled at me when I tried to sing. The 25km took just three hours, which knocks an hour off his previous time. Ah, what fun to be able to ride together.

And shockingly, the whole thing finished up with icecream.

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