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We got pie!

Ok, so with the title I rather gave that away… (well, for anyone who is familiar with the Salty Dog 6hr race it’s a spoiler)

But first things first. The Salty Dog is a 6hr race out in Salmon Arm, BC. It’s a traditional season starter for Canmore folk.

We started our Salty Dog weekend with a stop off on Saturday to ride in Revelstoke, where the trails are amazingly fun.

Then the race was on Sunday. It’s my third time, but still feel a lot of pre-race nerves. And even pre-lap nerves after I’ve started. I was racing as half of a mixed team of two, and happily did not have to do the first lap.

Conditions were very dry and dusty, and the 26oC day felt very warm for my Canmore-accustomed self. Every lap involved inhaling a lungful of dust, and we were all coughing it up for a day or two afterwards.

But riding bikes is fun though, and before long I got into the swing of things, and had a great time on the climby start, and gloriously fun descendy second half of the course.

We ended on four laps each, and won podium pie for first place, then leapt into the car to drive back to Canmore. Awesome weekend!

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