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Frosty run out from Assiniboine

Warmer this morning, we breakfasted, got mostly packed, then left the small child with the grandmother and hit the trails.

It was perfect running weather – cool, crisp and clear, without being cold enough that fingers, noses and toes started to freeze.

By the time we reached Wonder Pass, the frost had melted.

And as we dropped down towards Marvel Lake, the day kept getting warmer and warmer, and we dropped more and more layers.

The trails were deserted, the views were wonderful, and the running was mostly pretty fast. Of course eventually we hit the double track that would take us out through Mount Shark. Then the running was easier, but far less interesting.

At least when you’re running though, the tedious slog out to the Mount Shark trailhead is over much faster. And running with Alex was a welcome novelty.

We were rushing to reach the Mount Shark Helipad in time to catch the arrival of the first flight out from Assiniboine. But of course, the small child and grandmother were not on the first flight. They were on the fifth flight, and we hadn’t even thought of checking. Thankfully it was sunny, and we had a comfortable rock to nap on, as we watched the excitement of the helicopter travelling to and fro.

And an hour and a half later, the small child and grandmother finally emerged from the helicopter!

Distance: 26km
Elevation gain: 600m

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