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Invasion of PLPP

More new trails! Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is down in K-Country, and has an absolute nest of cross-country ski trails set for classic skiing. And that’s probably why we’ve avoided it for so long. Because up until this winter, we’ve only ever had one pair of classic skis between us, and we’re both much more competent when it comes to skate skiing. Our classic skiing is slow and a little bit painful.

PLPP is a lovely spot though, and as we went to explore the trails it snowed and snowed and snowed all day. Not much in the way of spectacular views as a result, but lovely snow, and picturesque snow covered trees (that the Moosling wanted me to keep hitting the snow off).

The Moosling skied for the first 1.5km – which took close to an hour – but he managed to get up and down a lot of hills in that time, before he got too tired and distracted to ski, and was thrown in the Chariot.

We’d parked at the Boulton Creek parking lot, and ended up skiing a loop that consisted of Moraine, Fox Creek, Elk Pass, Tyrwhitt and Whiskey Jack trails – about 19km, with 438m of climbing. People kept asking us if we were going to the cabin, and telling us we would love the cabin, and then telling us we’d missed the turn-off to the cabin. Maybe we should go and ski out to stay in the Elk Lakes ACC cabin one of these days!

Then the day ended with a photo session in the backseat of the car: “I cheese a Mama!”

Oh, and in other exciting news, I finally got a pair of Julbo goggles – because whenever I try and ski with normal sunglass-type things on, they just fog up immediately. Then I end up trying to ski without anything, which is bad in terms of sun glare, and when it’s snowing it’s terrible in terms of snow pelting my eyeballs. I love them! And am kind of wondering if I can either use them for biking, or work out some similar kind of visor arrangement for biking with. Great field of vision, and very minimal fogging compared to sunglasses.

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