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Family Day ski

A little jaunt on Family Day, the Moosling and I headed out to Banff to ski up to Sundance Canyon.

We wandered around at the canyon for a bit, then I kept skiing out towards the Brewster Creek trail junction (thinking about skiing as close as I could get to the old trailhead at the bottom of the Sunshine Village access road). But by then my shoulders were getting a bit tired from carrying a great heavy toddler, so after a few hundred metres of winding through the trees, we turned around and skied back to the car.

The sky wasn’t quite blue, but it was nice out, not too windy, and we had 9km of skiing fun, with quite a bit of singing going on in my ear. I really need to learn the words to some Thomas the Tank Engine songs, so I just don’t get “Thomas the Tank Engine! He’s a really useful engine!” sung on repeat.

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Now if you got PlaySchool, you’d get a great variety of songs to sing! The Wiggles would work!

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