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Return to Lake Minnewanka

A return to Minnewanka with the Tout, because it’s a nice cruisy place for a family ride…. and this time it was actually sunny.

This time we dragged Joel along too

A couple of places are a bit tricky with the Singletrailer, and it needs some assistance

Flat and mossy forest makes for relaxing Singletrailer terrain

Unbelievable but true, Alex does sometimes smile when he’s out riding

Moosling grins by the beach at the Warden’s Cabin

Playing around by the shore at the Warden’s Cabin

Alex’s obsession with fat tyres continues unabated. Now he’s selling off all his normal bikes so he can buy another bike with fat tyres.

The Moosling discovers Joel’s scroggin! At least he asked for permission before raiding it for M&Ms

Trail running for 1.5km on the way back to the trailhead. People certainly give you some odd looks when you’re biking along while your toddler runs in front of you.

Distance: 30.5km
Elevation gain: 400m

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