see vegas, i told you it would all fit

So, everything is packed into very heavy bags.

Item One – Heavy Backpack
Item Two – Heavy Ski Bag and Boot Bag
Item Three – Crash pad in cardboard box
Item Four – Carry On thingos = rope bag and laptop bag

lots of important things

Once my plane leaves DC I’ll be landing in Melbourne 28 hours later. Won’t that be fun. Although I’ll start travelling 4 hours before that, so I can actually get to the airport and check in. Then once I get to Melbourne, I have to move house :)

Depart DC – 3.45pm Tuesday East Coast US time / 5.45am Wednesday Melbourne time
Arrive Melbourne – 7.40pm Wednesday East Coast US time / 9.40am Thursday Melbourne time

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I am impressed! I bow to your awesome packing skills! Who knew it could all fit! I am also honored that I FINALLY made it into the title of your Evil Mooses post! Yeah!

Have fun back in Oz. Keep in touch, eh?

Heh, iPod was fully charged, with battery pack booster also prepped and ready to go. And what do you know, I think the guy checking me in felt sorry for me hauling everything around, he didn’t weigh anything, and I didn’t have to pay excess baggage!

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