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Chariot multi-sporting (walking and skiing counts as multi doesn’t it?)

So, today I tested the theory that I could stroll with the Chariot to the Nordic Centre carrying my ski gear; switch wheels off, skis on, attach skis and boots to me, ski a loop, then walk home again.

It worked!

The hardest part of the workout was pushing the Chariot up the hill to the Nordic Centre through all that slush.


Nearly there now (it’s a 3.5km walk)



Canmore Nordic Centre… January… 8oC!



On the snow, ready for transition



Transition complete, now to put skis on and away!


We ran into four other Chariots also out skiing – the warm weather was too tempting. Thanks to the wind though, a lot of the trails had a good coating of pine needles… and twigs… pine cones… small branches… a squirrel…


Back at the Daylodge



Hiking home with skis and poles strapped to backpack


(How it was done: The Chariot skis and pulling pole things fit in the back pocket, leaning against the handlebars. Meanwhile my ski boots went in my backpack, and skis and poles were strapped on the outside. After switching into ski mode, I locked the back wheels to the fence at the Daylodge, and just turned the strolling wheels upside down)

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