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the climbing back in oz

Here’s a couple of photos from the kids back in Oz…

Heidi’s been in Payne’s Ford, NZ, and has since managed to come down with Scarlet Fever (I thought it was so 19th century, but apparently it’s cool again now) – Get better Hoidi! This is her on the classic ‘1080’ route at Paynes – a 23 (5.11b) with “a 10m juggy roof with a cool batman rest 2/3 of the way across”.

heidi on 1080

And Jackie’s been all over the place, here’s a couple of her shots from Mt. Buffalo (Victoria), and the Blueys (aka. Blue Mountains, NSW).

Corey seconding up Peroxide Blonde (20) at The Horn, Buffalo

corey on peroxide blonde

‘That’ 24 at Logan Brae in the Blueys

jackie in the blueys

Jackie and Corey on the first belay of The Pintle (14) at The Horn

jackie and corey at buffalo

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