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to the inkpots

The avalanche danger has been very high recently, so a lot of the more interesting backcountry skiing has to be avoided at all costs. And most of what’s leftover has to be approached with a healthy dose of paranoia.

So on my day off I went and did what was basically a hideously ungroomed nordic trail, with no avalanche danger whatsoever, as it was so flat and far from anything that could conceivably be viewed as a skiable slope. But still pretty.



We kept the mountains at a healthy distance, and there were signs of natural avalanche activity everywhere.


The Inkpots


But there was sun! And even if the downhill back to the car didn’t involve floating through fresh powder, well at least it was downhill.

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I’m glad you guys are playing it safe. I don’t want to read about you in the newspaper.

Yep, have no desire to read about myself in a newspaper either – I’ve pretty much given up on the snowpack this season. Oh well, I’ll be back next winter, maybe that’ll be better?

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