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I went hiking in Great Falls Park today. There were frozen waterfalls, and icy puddles, and trees without leaves. Hoards and hoards of trees without leaves. I can understand now why people get so excited about the leaves in autumn (or fall), as it would be pretty spectacular. Just about all Australian natives are evergreens, so our autumn isn’t anything special.

These are the Great Falls of the Potomac. Hmm, apparently many people consider them to be the most spectacular natural landmark in the Washington DC area (according to google). The Potomac is actually the dividing line between Maryland and Virginia – these photos were taken from the Maryland shore. More photos if you click on the link thingo underneath (the later photos are taken further downstream, earlier on in the hike).

Potomac at Great Falls

Potomac River view

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the really exciting and magic part of leaflessness is spring when leaves actually reappear on these dead trees…and it’s not so messy.

i was wondering what it would all start to look like in spring. apparently it’ll start springing here around march, but more properly in april.

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