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las pozas

So this is Las Pozas de James, just outside of Xilitla, in Mexico. It’s a crazy jungle world of concrete structures covered in creeping vines, waterfalls, and faded paint in vibrant colours, half-finished projects that spiral up into nothing. Edward James, builder of the masterpiece, was a British millionare. He mixed with artists, and writers, and smoked lots of drugs, and was growing orchids in Mexico, when his entire collection was wiped out in a cold snap. Naturally, he decided to start building enormous (long-lasting) concrete orchids. And then lots of other things too. We were there on a Sunday, … Continue reading las pozas


And so, while in Mexico, I started to notice that a lot of the trees were painted white for the bottom metre or so. In fact, as I paid more attention, I realised pretty nearly all of them were painted white at the bottom. I questioned this rather odd practice. Apparently, the white is lime, and it’s there to stop the ants eating the trees. Because in Mexico the ants are starving, fed up with their constant diet of tacos, cheese, and lots of meat, they hang around at the bottom of the trees waiting for leaves to fall so … Continue reading ants?

mucho sombrero – the summary of the mexico trip

Well, I’m back in the land of new cars, safety signs, and functioning keyboards. Russell the Moose received a full body search at the hands of a nice Mexican lady wearing rubber gloves, on our way out of Mexico city. And we only made it to the airport an hour before my plane was due to leave, as the bus that was supposed to take three hours to get there took four and a half instead. We toured around inland, and I was the only redhead I saw the whole time I was there – as such, I was stared … Continue reading mucho sombrero – the summary of the mexico trip

more life in mexico

Volcanoes climbed: One, Nevado de Toluca   Although I use the word ‘climbed’ loosely. It was more of a ‘drive to the top and then walk for 10 minutes’. But it was high (over 15,000 ft). The fourth highest in Mexico. Kidnappings and muggings while in Mexico City: None Candy and tacos eaten: Lots Time spent in Queretaro: Two days, now I´m moving on up north, to go climbing, and to play in a river  

halo from mexico

As of yesterday I’m currently enjoying the wonderful world of 30c tacos and lots of old-style VW beetles in Mexico City. Have successfully avoided being kidnapped so far. The city is slightly crazy, and we should be escaping soon, and heading for countryside adventures. Note to self – must learn Spanish.