the door

I woke up at 6 this morning. Now even under the ordinary turn of events I would consider this a calamitous state of affairs. But this morning I woke up at 6 due to the fact that the door to my house is only a couple of metres from my head when I am sleeping. I have the privilege of a room that is right next to the front door. So when people aren’t careful about how they close the door, and let it slip through their fingers instead of closing it gently, the bang of the door slamming resonates through my sleeping skull, and I awake to hear only the ricochet of the door knocker banging against the closed door, and footsteps walking away, followed by a car starting, and in turn, driving away. During which time my dazed brain slowly works out – Oh no, it’s happened again.

lemuria – lyrics

This is just a random post in the backwaters of the site to put up the lyrics from some songs by my flatmates band, Lemuria (if that is still their name). I initially put them up on my site around this time, but as the format of the site has changed, they don’t really fit in anymore. I helped write bits and pieces; meanwhile the band has done some recordings, written more songs, and I haven’t heard them play in ages (31/1/05).

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