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This is just a random post in the backwaters of the site to put up the lyrics from some songs by my flatmates band, Lemuria (if that is still their name). I initially put them up on my site around this time, but as the format of the site has changed, they don’t really fit in anymore. I helped write bits and pieces; meanwhile the band has done some recordings, written more songs, and I haven’t heard them play in ages (31/1/05).

Strange Girl

What is this place I stared for a while at you
a thought in my mind
it seemed to linger
Your head so pretty slumped in your hands as
your hair moves softly
from between your fingers
so I wondered why you looked so sad what could be that bad?

Strange girl, why do you look at me?
and why do you look so unhappy?
and I don’t even know your name
Strange girl, why do you look at me?
and why do you look so unhappy?
is each day to you the same?

These people around you are they your friends?
If so they don’t seem to care about you
so pretty, so sweet with a dimple in your left cheek
and knowing eyes so saddened blue
so I wondered why it is you stay
can’t you walk away?


So I wondered why this is your world
leave with me strange girl



No solitude

Sick of this city now
The lights are too bright
Although it’s night time now
No peace and quiet
No room to live in
and no room to move
Too many people
Lighting my dark sky

Important tasks, pointless lives
Empty people, rush around
Strangers in the city glare
No solitude to be found

Find a place away from here
To rest my troubled mind
Lying on the ground outside
The darkened sky is mine
The stars above belong to me
Just me and them alone
Feeling like they’re watching me
With them above I’m home.

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