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Riding 200km one sunny September Sunday

I took my Surly Karate Monkey, loaded it up with food and water, and headed out… at about 10am, because there may have been sleeping in, and disorganisation.

Along the Legacy Trail and into Banff. A stop at Wildflower Bakery you say? And to the grocery store – nutella croissants you say? I don’t mind if I do.

Then up Goat Creek towards Canmore, south on Spray Lakes Road for a mercifully brief stretch before heading to the west side of Spray Lakes.

South and south along the deserted west side of Spray Lakes, then bike out through Mount Shark.

South at Engadine Lodge, down to the end of the road, and then north along Highway 40.

Then because it’s getting dark, home to Canmore via the 1A and Exshaw, rather than over Skogan Pass.

Thoughts of the ride…

  • Scroggin is inherently vulnerable
  • Wildflower Bakery is awesome
  • I like Goat Creek much better in this direction
  • Tether your GPS
  • Rotate your owl
  • If you’re feeling far too clean, riding along Spray Lakes Road on a busy Sunday is a great way to address this problem
  • We should go and bikepack/camp along West Spray – especially now when the campground is closed
  • I saw a bat!
  • It’s beautiful along here – especially when you consider the strip of dust hanging on the far side of the lake.
  • This is a bit spooky and deserted. I will sing loudly and yell a lot.
  • This service station is open!? I love icecream! I love cold drinks! All hail the end of water rationing!
  • Riding on asphalt is waaay faster than dirt roads.
  • You should start this ride earlier or bring better lights if you want to be able to ride over Skogan or Jewell Pass
  • A helmet light would be good to prevent roadside animals and noises being scarier than they have to be.
  • Please don’t eat me, barky dog!
  • I’m not sure if I remember how to be people any more.
  • What’s this? A warm plate of freshly cooked dinner, for me? I’ll take two!