Kindle covers – with style

My Kindle was sadly lacking a cover until today. I’d looked at the ones available on Amazon, but wasn’t very inspired. Then I thought I’d have a look at Etsy. There was a huge range of handmade covers there, but I ended up with this cute little owls cover from Lina’s Stitch:

kindle cover with owls

My screensaver owl is very happy in his new home.


Kindle screensavers

So I’ve joined the e-book revolution, and thanks to a belated Christmas present, I’ve got a Kindle! It’s so very handy for reading books while wrangling a baby. I don’t have to struggle to hold it open, it just sits there, with text of whatever size is convenient, and I just have to hit the page turn button occasionally. I’m already wishing I had one for the cycle tour in 2009 – we struggled to find second-hand book stores with decent books in most of the small European towns we were cycling through.

However, although the screensavers that came with the Kindle had their own charms, I’d have enough of them within half a day. So I set forth to find out how to replace them. Methods have changed since the early Kindle days, so some techniques out there won’t work with the current (3rd) generation Kindle. I ended up using the jail-breaking technique described here. The instructions are pretty thorough, and the process fairly straightforward.


I uploaded a mix of images I found that other people had created…


Screensavers created from photos of mine…


And screensavers created based on other images found on the internet ..


My full collection of Kindle screensavers (being added to as I get around to creating more). Any 600×800 black and white image will work, but ones above 100kB start taking noticeably longer to load.