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Canada Day and lots of sun

Canada Day long weekend, with wonderfully good weather, and a visiting grandma. After a few hours of volunteering, we hit up the parade, then hung out at Centennial Park all afternoon; followed by more volunteering at the RMCC bike crit in the evening – the judge from our citizenship ceremony would be very proud.

Another day, more sun, biking up to Quarry Lake for an awesome afternoon of picnic, cake, and hanging out on our Lamzac air sofa thing. And then icecream and music (and dancing) for Blue, by the old school bus.

Another day with even more sun! But also a headwind as Allan and I rode the 1A out to get icecream, and back home to get beer.

Nothing quite like a tailwind blowing you back to Canmore…

And then, finally, I was supposed to be back at work.  But Felix and I took off early and went to ride up the back of Sulphur Mountain before work.

After an early stand-off with a bull elk (we thought we were going to have to change our plans, but he moved eventually) we were off and away. I’d never ridden up there before – it’s pretty relentless. And my seatpost kept sliding down, just to make riding up five kilometres of 16% gradient gravel just a little bit easier.

Sweet sweet summit, we figured we may as well wander on up to the summit proper.

Past the marmot sunning itself happily on a rock, and to the top for summit selfies.


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Canada Day

The parade down Main Street – I was actually in it instead of watching from the sidelines this year. The biggest standing ovation went to all of the big yellow machinery that had been working so hard all through the flood.

First thing in the morning though, was the Canada Day “fun” run (8km theoretically, but more like 7km with some flood changes). I ran, Alex and the Moosling cheered for me at the end.