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Buller Pass

Another K-Country hike which is absolutely amazing (although around this time of year, just about everything is).

Buller Pass starts with wending through a mossy forest trail, passing a mushroom which Alex thinks is edible (and which we pick up on the way back, google intensively and then throw in with the BBQ dinner that night). There’s a waterfall, lots of trees, less trees… then a lunch stop. We spent a good chunk of our time trying to identify trees and flowers with the help of a couple of laminated guides that Joel and Kristy had brought along with them. Unfortunately all I retained from the whole experience was that there are some white/pink bell shaped flowers that grow on a knickers plant.

There was still some snow lying around on the final portion of the hike through the amphitheater and up to the pass – as a result we didn’t do the sneak around the back to make a loop via North Buller Pass. Instead there was just some lazing in the sun and a trot home again (via the edible mushroom)

Distance: 13km return
Elevation gain: 671m