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Ribbon Creek Trails

There’s a small network of ski trails about Ribbon Creek, near Kananaskis Village and Nakiska Ski Resort.

They’re track set for classical skiing, and there isn’t really enough room between tracks for skate-skiing.

A nice little set of trails to spend a day exploring, there is quite a lot of up and down – and so some nice views as well. It’s nice to ski somewhere different for a change.

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the weekend of fail

We were supposed to go skiing on the Rae Glacier, but the snow looked thoroughly uninspiring. Also we realised once we were on our way that none of us actually knew where the Rae Glacier was. So after driving around in K-Country for a while, we decided we’d just park where all these other cars were, and go for a walk and see what was there.

First we found a frozen lake, which was good for throwing rocks onto.


Elbow Lake


And then we managed to find the Rae Glacier, and weren’t too distressed about the fact we didn’t haul our skis up with us.


Rae Glacier


Maybe next weekend there’ll be snow?


The view from our knoll

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evan thomas creek

A snapshot of our day at Even Thomas Creek, K-Country.


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king creek: k-country ice

Because standing in a snow and ice filled gully receiving no sun is a perfect place way to spend a negative fifteen degree day.

Even the glacier worms were finding it cold