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Checking out the Goat Creek trail with Chariot

Goat Creek is the trail that goes from one end of Mount Rundle to the other, on the south side of the mountain. The Canmore end starts in the parking lot just beyond Whiteman’s Gap, and today we were just doing an out and back, not going all the way to Banff. We didn’t even get all the way to Goat Creek, as we had a “must turn around” time limit to meet up with friends who were hiking Ha Ling Peak (although in the end we probably could have made it down there).

Skinny skis were on – I’ve the feeling there’s a couple of downhills between the Canmore end and Banff that I’d happily walk while towing the Chariot with skinny skis. The Goat Creek trail is multi-use, and often looks like herds of elephants have been trampling along it – which can lead to challenging skiing conditions.





Finn naps, as per usual