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I love the High Rockies trail

The High Rockies trail is absolutely wonderful. So far it’s just been constructed from Goat Creek to Buller Creek, although the other half is in progress this summer and is due to link through to Elk Pass when complete.

It’s part of the Trans Canada Trail, which is pushing for completion of a full trail link across the country in time for Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations next year.

Eventually the idea is that the High Rockies Trail will be a destination long-distance trail for our part of the world. There will be camping facilities for thru-hikers. There might be shuttle buses and that kind of thing. And there will definitely be a lot more people out there enjoying the ever-excellent Kananaskis Country.

But in the meantime, we have a great trail that is currently unsigned, unadvertised, and really fun to ride.

So fun to ride that I somehow ended up riding it three times in a week. That may have been overdoing things a little – or maybe not!

It’s a wide, machine built trail. Not wide enough that you could ride side-by-side, but wide enough that passing others isn’t really an issue. And although it’s wide and easy riding, there are still some steep or rough sections that are harder than you might be expecting.

There’s plenty of climbing – but that means plenty of fun descending. And it rides really well in both direction (although for slightly more downhill, head north).

The most scenic section is the few kilometres north of Buller. That’s where you’re out in the open, crossing scree and talus fields.

Most of the rest of the trail is in the forest – it’s still fun and beautiful, but most of the photos you see are from those few kilometres near Buller Creek.

Driftwood – Buller Creek (34km return, ~878m gain)
Canmore – Buller Creek (80km return, ~1760m gain)

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