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Boom Lake

Family Day long weekend was a good chance to get out skiing, and on Monday morning there were blue skies and at least 10cm of snow at Boom Lake. We didn’t realise that when we had organised to go, or when we set out in the morning. But things magically turned out ok. Except maybe for those few moments where it seemed like Tomo’s car wouldn’t be able to make it into the parking lot because there was too much fresh snow.

With hindsight, I wouldn’t have used the downhill-skis-and-tow-rope setup for the Moosling. Well, I would probably have still brought the tow rope, if only for the first steep section out of the parking lot, but after that the trail is really pretty rolling, with not much elevation gain. Cross-country skis would have been a much better call.

So we skied out to Boom Lake, through the trees, briefly onto the edge of the lake, and then back to hide in the trees from the wind.

There were a lot more snowshoers on the trail than other skiers. On our way out we kept crossing paths with other groups, and at least 90% of them were on snowshoes.

Aside from occasional stops to worship the sun, we cruised out at a steady pass, towing the Moosling along where necessary, then slingshotting him forward down the hills. The one benefit of having him in his downhill skis was that he had great control, and so I didn’t have to worry about him skiing into uphill traffic as we skied out.

And then finally, the last three kilometres back to the car, where the downhill begins in earnest. And the final kilometre, which is thoroughly downhill.

Fun trip, and a good family day excursion.

Distance: 10.5km return
Elevation gain: 200m (most of which is in the first 3km from the trailhead)

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