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Scotland bound

When I had to pull out of the Tour Divide, I cancelled the leave I’d arranged with work, and we tossed up options for a family bike holiday/vacation in late summer. Mongolia? Cuba? The Maritimes? Israel? The Chilcotins (in BC)? Maybe Scandinavia? Or somewhere in the States?

I left the final choice up to Alex, seeing as I will be claiming a good chunk of time when I finally, hopefully, ride the Tour Divide.

He opted for Scotland. A corner of the UK we never got to when doing our big Euro cycle tour in 2009. Not too far away, reasonable for a shorter trip.

And so now, 3 months later, my knee still isn’t 100 percent. But we’re sorting out gear, trying to remember how to do this multi-day bike touring thing, and trying to strike a balance between comfort and weight as we make our final gear decisions.

In a few days we’ll be jumping on a plane. I hope my knee will be ok.

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Good luck with your Scotland trip! It’s bound to be a pretty wild adventure with a young ‘un hanging off the back of your bike, very brave! I’m from Melbourne too, and I’m planning on TD2016 so I might see you there!

A belated thank you – it was definitely an adventure, and having the offspring along does lead to some more conservative choices! And excellent about Tour Divide – I’m still umming and ahhing, I’m seeing how this winter unfolds for my knee, it handled Scotland pretty well but starting playing up once I got back and started doing a lot of mountain biking again. I’m hopeful it will settle down over the next few months, but knees can be tricky. I’d be happy to take you out for a ride on the local trails even if I’m not racing though!

Oh no, I hope you’re seeing a good physio. I’m currently recovering from mtb induced shoulder dislocation/surgery so I feel your physical and emotional pain.

Sounds great, I’d love to check out the local trails!

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