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Kananaskis wanderings

A lazy morning, then I wandered out with a loaded bike, and pedalled up the Spray Lakes Road.

I hadn’t decided quite where to go, but ended up thinking of a Spray River/Goat Creek loop… but when I got down to the Spray River turn-off, I realised that the wildlife closure had come into effect a couple of weeks ago.

Change of plans! And so I decided to try and push through the Mount Shark area – which is exactly where the Tour Divide route goes. Up until then, there’d barely been any snow. As I got closer to Mount Shark, there was quite a bit of deadfall, and then more and more snow.

At least the snow made for good pushing practise.

It was unsurprisingly deserted, and I didn’t come across anyone on my travels until I got out onto the Spray Lakes Road again. At which point I was suddenly flying along the nice clear road.

After some early snow, it turned out to be quite a nice day. I finished up with a foray down Goat Creek, which was rideable, but a bit muddy still.

And that was the Karate Monkey’s last big adventure before it was due for partial dismantling and the build up of my Triton mega titanium adventure bike!

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