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The boy learns to ski

So, it’s not entirely true. He already knew how to ski. But his downhill skiing has improved dramatically this season. Cross-country skiing not so much, as we haven’t gotten out doing much as a family. He has been doing the Jackrabbits junior skiing program though, which he really enjoyed – a group of 6-8 four-year olds out wandering the trails and playing games:

He’s also been heading to ski lessons at Sunshine Village while Alex works. End result? He can now happily ski green runs!

We went out for a ski together, and it was so much fun that my enthusiasm for skiing has actually been renewed (at least a little).

We caught the gondola back down again with a friend, and they shared ‘happy snacks’ (I think most would call them chips).

And he even got a report card! I give him three years at most before he’s out-skiing me.

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