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Tent Ridge, finally!

Another hike we’ve been wanting to do for a while. We considered doing it dressed as pirates (no reason), but in the end went for normal hiking clothes.

It all starts with a lot of slogging up through trees, then up and into the valley surrounded by the horseshoe shaped Tent Ridge.

The boy did a good job of hiking up the hill, with the aid of his mountain climbing stick.

On the top of the ridge (on the east side, we were going clockwise) we stopped for lunch. Then Alex and the boy decided to avoid the scrambly sections ahead, and just head back down again.

Meanwhile, Lincoln and I headed onwards – straight up and over, the classy line.

Spray Lakes sat in the background, bright blue and full of sharks. We reached the enormous fridge on top of the first corner of the horseshoe, and were terribly sad when we found out that it had no icecream or cold drinks, and wasn’t actually a fridge at all. Or if it was, it was quite hard to open.

The views from the ridge really were amazing. Below is The Fist, which was kind of tempting to scramble.

Rounding the end of the horseshoe involved a bit of scree slogging, and then Lincoln peered over the ridge of eternal doom.

Below is the view back across to the east side of the ridge. And some ridiculous mountains and a very blue sky.

Things got quite talus-y for a while there, and then calmed down into an easy gentle ridge again.

We ran into another group of hikers just as we were about to drop down off the end of the ridge, and so there was a mutual exchange of jump shots.

And then the descent. Kind of muddy, with a few crashes, but otherwise successful.

Distance: 11km
Elevation gain: 750m

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